As we welcome a New Year I find myself thinking as I am sure we all do.

Thinking about how my goal was to be 2 stone lighter today compared to Jan 1st 2023 but despite loosing 21lbs between January and July of last year I sit here exactly the same weight I was Jan 1st 2023 ha ha.  I had good intentions I guess.  But why is it year after year I set myself the same unmanageable weight loss target, so when the following year swings round I feel like I failed again…?

I didn’t fail! 

Professionally I had the best year ever, with 60 Photo Shoots in my lovely little studio. How lucky am I that so many of you trusted me to capture your family moments.  I never underestimate how without you, I can’t do the job I love. So thank you!

I trained with the incredibly talented Emma Jane and Tracy Willis ensuring your baby is handled safely and your final images are the best that I can offer.

I photographed 27 Newborn babies which is incredible considering I only started offering Newborn Photography 18 months ago.

Personally in 2023, this journey through motherhood has been disorganised chaos but I have 2 beautiful little ladies who tell me daily how much they love me so I can’t be doing too badly! Together we have had some mini adventures to London; Isla’s first time on a train, Weymouth and Lego Land.  I look forward to seeing where this year takes us. Grace will start Secondary School this September! eeeeeek!

Both myself and hubby are turning 40 this year and we have 4 for forty.  4 Big things to look forward to as a family as we enter the next decade of our life.  Age is a gift that not everyone is blessed with.  I for one have no problem with ageing.

I have Newborn Sessions and Cake Smashes booked in until Easter.

baby boy sat playing drums on two halves of a birthday cake

This year is set to be a good year.

But I can’t enter a new year without thinking of those that won’t be joining us. Thinking about how missed they are. I promise to lead a good life, to make my Dad proud. We lost granny in 2019 and her son, my Dad in 2021. Granny was 94, she was ready to go but still missed. None of us were ready for Dads passing and it’s a grief I carry daily.

If life is feeling overwhelming, if you are struggling with your mental health, please know you are loved and you are needed.  Please reach out for help from a friend, relative, GP or the Samaritans on 116123. 

So as I end this blog I promise not to add any unrealistic Weight Loss Goals to this years New Years Resolutions. Instead I will look forward to all the wonderful things this year has in store.

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy 2024


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