Here are 3 questions to ask a Newborn Photographer before booking.

  1. Do you have any professional training?

It might surprise you but there is not a governing body for Newborn Photography. You do not need to be qualified, trained, or even insured. Based on the years of experience your potential photographer has had I would want to ask what training they have had.

I started Newborn Photography in June 2022 and in that time 30 babies have been photographed in my studio. I have attended 4 in person Newborn Training Sessions and paid for and watched many online tutorials.

2. What Safety Practices do you follow?

Your Newborn Photographer should be proficient at handling your baby and I would expect them to have a warm and cosy studio space. They should be cleaning their props after every session.

I heat the studio to 24 degrees before every client’s arrival. You will be my only client of the day and all props are wiped with Dettol, all fabrics are washed after every use.

Mum and Dad standing head to head holding back in black and white

3. What does your Package Price Include?

Make sure you fully understand their pricing structure and terms and conditions. Does the Session Fee include images or are those in addition to the Session Fee charged for the photographer’s time?  Can you view their Package Price List in advance? Is there a minimum spend?

You can view all my price on my website.  There is no Session Fee for Newborn Photography and no minimum spend.

Baby dressed in blue bear outfit holding a knitted teddy bear by Newborn Photographer in Hampshire

I hope this blog on 3 questions to ask a Newborn Photographer was helpful. If you are looking to book a Newborn Photoshoot I would be happy to chat further with you about your requirements and the service I offer.

I hope to be welcoming you into my Whitchurch, Hampshire studio very soon!


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