I love outdoor Christmas Lights, have done since I was a kid.  My Mum can’t drive so when Dad would visit, he would take us for a drive around Basingstoke where I grew up so that we could see them.  It was such a treat to be in Dad’s car looking at these beautiful lights.

It wasn’t as popular in the 90s to decorate the outside of your house. Over the years more and more people are putting outdoor lights up.  I am now one of those people! Say’s me smiling!

I used to be like a big kid at Christmas.  Dad called me Mrs Clause. But since Dad passed away things don’t feel the same. 

Christmas 2021, the first Christmas without him, I just went through the motions of putting the decorations up for the kids. 

But then on News Years Eve 2021, we decided to have a BBQ and I put Christmas Lights up in the back garden and it looked so beautiful.  I looked up at the sky and I said, Dad, I hope you can see these, I hope you can see I am still trying.

The next year Mum said let’s light up my garden so your Dad can see them too, so, Christmas 2022 we had a Light Off to see who could light up our gardens the brightest.  Mum won, at least that’s what I’ve let her believe LOL.

So, here we are, Christmas 2023 and with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face I look across my garden and I say Dad, I’m lighting up my garden for you! I hope you can see them in heaven!

christmas lights

Christmas can be a wonderful time, but it can also be a time of sadness.  If you are finding yourself feeling unhappy, whether you’re missing a loved one or concerned about other things in your life The Samaritans are here to listen. Call 116 123.


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