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The History of School Photography

School photography has a deep-rooted history. Tracing back to the early 20th century when cameras and professional photography were out of reach for many. It provided an opportunity for families to obtain at least one affordable portrait of their child. Ensuring that precious memories could be captured and cherished for generations to come.

I have both my Granny’s and her Sister’s School Portraits, dating back to the 1930s. They were turned into Christmas Post Cards with beautiful poems written on them. Her sister died at age 15, which makes that photograph even more special as it is one of the only ones I’ve ever seen of her.

The Meaning of School Photography

Now that most households in the UK have a camera and Professional Photography has become more affordable.  School Photography is much more than an official photograph of your child. With each passing year, it captures another piece of their journey into adulthood. Every time I photograph my girls; usually at the beginning of the school year, I reflect on their past experiences and think about the adventures that lie ahead for them.

This week, I took Grace’s end-of-school-term photograph. Her last ever primary school photo! As I put all her photographs together, from Year R to Year 6. I was reminded of how tiny she was when she started school and how scared I was handing her over. Then I thought of all the hurdles she has overcome and just how incredibly proud I am of her.

Why should you book your School Photography Session with me

. School Photography Photo Shoots in my Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio, will transport you back in time with a vintage feel. The children will sit on a vintage wooden desk creating a nostalgic and timeless image.

. School Photography Photo Shoots are 10 – 20 minutes depending on how many children I am photographing. This gives us time to check hair, and collars and make sure faces are clean.

. With you here, you can see the back of the camera to ensure you are not going to get that Wallace and Gromit “Smile”

.  You can have your children that go to different schools to each other photographed together.

. I have the time to talk with your child(ren) before the photo session. Creating a relaxed environment in my studio. Your child(ren) will feel at ease and won’t be rushed or pressured to pose for that perfect smile.

. My School Photography Photo Shoots are my lowest priced sessions. Recognising the historical significance of school photography. I hope the low session fee ensures that these milestone photographs are affordable for everyone.

When can I book a School Photography Session?

I hold School Photography Sessions twice a year in my Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio. Follow my Social Media Pages for updates as to when the next Mini Session Day will be held.



I hope to be welcoming you into my Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio very soon. I’m in a central location and just 20 minutes from Newbury, Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester.

Girl sat on vintage desk pushing a wooden chair backwards with her legs.


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