As a Family and Child Studio Photographer in Whitchurch Hampshire and a Mum of 2 myself I speak to a lot of parents whether that be clients or mums on the school run.  Here are 5 things parents I have spoken to agree they wish they had known before becoming a parent.

Things I wish I had known before becoming a parent number 1 – You won’t have as much time as you think you do

The days are filled, and time seems to speed up.  During the newborn stage from feeding, nappy changes, cuddles and napping when baby naps the day is gone.  As they get older add in a baby group, the food shop and playtime and soon Bedtime Routine will be here again.

You will never sleep the same again.

As an expectant parent, you expect to lose sleep, particularly in the first eight weeks. However, what I didn’t expect was that I would never sleep soundly again. I’ve become attuned to my child’s breathing patterns. I am able to hear them rolling over, dreaming, and talking in their sleep. Additionally, they call out to me during the night if they need something. It’s rare for me to get a full night’s sleep these days, and sleeping in is a luxury.

You will feel guilty about everything!

As a parent, you will find yourself feeling guilty and unsure of your decisions due to the opinions of others. But remember, as long as you love and care for your child and they are healthy and happy, You are doing amazing! don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise! Stay confident and trust your instincts – you’re doing a great job!

You will love more than you ever knew possible.

The love I feel for my girls is the strongest most powerful feeling I’ve ever known.  Within that moment of holding them for the first time, I knew I would do anything to keep them safe. They have me rocking in a corner at times, but they also inspire me to be the best version of myself that I can be.  No matter what happens in this life I am their safe place, I am their Mum, and I will be here for them.

The final thing I wish I knew before becoming a parent … You will cry watching the school nativity.

Prepare yourself! Watching your child portray a speechless sheep or a singing star in the nativity play will leave you smiling so much that your cheeks will ache and you will feel proud to the point of tears. The school nativity play, combined with Sports Day, is without a doubt my favourite day of the year.

That’s things I wish i had known before becoming a parent. What should be added to the list? Pop yours int he comments below.

Things I wish I had known before becoming a parent


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