Travelling abroad with kids

Travelling abroad with kids can seem a daunting task.  We left it quite late I feel.  Isla age 7 and Grace age 11.  This meant we didn’t have to worry about pushchairs, bottles and nappies but we did still need to think about keeping them entertained whilst at the airport.

One of the reasons we left it so long to fly with the girls was my fear of travelling abroad.  I was close to tears boarding the plane but tried so hard to be brave.  Isla saw my breathing had changed, grabbed my hand and said Mummy, I’ve got you, it’s ok.  Sometimes that child is more mature than her years!

Travelling abroad with kids

Here are things we did to keep our girls entertained when travelling abroad for the first time

  1. Both Isla and Grace had a suitcase each to push.  This kept them feeling like they were involved and responsible for something. 
  2. After checking in and going through security we went and got breakfast in a restaurant– The girls were able to choose their own breakfast and it made an hour of the 3-hour wait go by quicker. It worked out to be £12.50 each including drinks which for an airport and waiter service I thought was great value.
  3. We bought both girls a travel colouring book and pencil case from Smiggle. https://www.smiggle.co.uk/shop/en/smiggleuk/sale-stationery
  4. We packed their favourite game in the hand luggage, UNO.
  5. Grace took her phone and took photos throughout the trip; she then made a PowerPoint presentation about her holiday to show her class when we got back.

The flight was only 2 hours from Gatwick to Palma, I’m not sure how much longer they would have managed to sit still but I am considering a 3-hour flight to Paphos next year.

What is the longest flight you have taken with your children?

I am so glad I conquered my fear of travelling, the experience of being on the Ocean was just incredible. I haven’t had guilt-free joy like that since my dad passed away 2.5 years ago.  There was something very comforting about watching the sun set and rise across the ocean.  Almost like heaven didn’t feel so far away anymore.

Are you going abroad this year? let me know where you are going in the comments and how you will occupy your children on the way there.


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