Why I started my photography business

Have you ever wondered why I started my photography business? It’s a question I have often been asked. So, here’s a blog about it…

I’ve always been the person with a camera. I would take a disposable camera to school and save my pocket money to develop the films. I can still recall eagerly waiting for the prints to be delivered through the door.

When mobile phones with cameras became available I was constantly snapping photos. Finding the right photographer was incredibly important to me when Jaime and I got married and after Grace was born I spent hundreds of pounds on her first year of photography. So, learning photography and starting my own photography business seemed like a natural progression.

The idea of preserving a single moment in time fascinates me. My Granny kept a box of photographs that dated back to 1904 in her cupboard. Holding those photographs still feels incredibly special. Some of these photos are now over 100 years old. Showing family members I have never met, but who are now right before my eyes. Back then, people would dress in their best clothes and pose for formal photos. Refraining from smiling. I wanted to preserve these special moments for people in our generation to share with their future relatives. I wanted people to hold their family history in their hands and feel that same special feeling that I feel.

This is why I am so passionate about Fine Art Portrait Photography. Fine Art Photography captures the traditional formality of the art. We can all capture spontaneous moments of our family with our mobile phones or point-and-shoot cameras but Fine Art Portraiture offers a unique and less common experience.

That’s why I started my photography business. Why do you do the job you do? Does it have a link to your family or a passion you have had since childhood? let me know in the comments below.

I qualified in Children’s Fine Art Photography with The Guild of Photographers in 2021. Below are the 21 photographs I showed for my Qualification.

Why did I start my photography business


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