6 month old boy sat on small wooden bed

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as a photographer is documenting the milestones of your little ones. Newborn photoshoots are completely adorable, but I also absolutely LOVE capturing the charm and personality of an older baby. From around 6 months onwards, babies start sitting, giggling and developing hteir own little personality, making this a perfect time to schedule a photoshoot.

Personality and Expressions

By the time a baby reaches 6 months, their personality starts to shine through! From captivating smiles and contagious laughter, to curious gazes and adorable giggles, every moment is an opportunity to capture their unique individuality. These heartwarming expressions and gestures captured with my camera become timeless treasures on your wall, that you will love to look back on for many years. 

baby girl in a lacy romper on a brown background by  photography in Basingstoke Hampshire

Interaction and Connection

At this age, babies are more engaged with those around them, making it an ideal time for family members to join the photoshoot. Capturing the loving bond between parents, siblings, and your little one creates touching and authentic moments. The genuine connections and emotions shared during the shoot result in photographs that portray the joy, love, and closeness of the family.

Milestones and Achievements

Babies all hit their milestones at different ages, and for each on it’s a moment to celebrate! From sitting up alone and grasping objects to crawling, standing, and taking those first wobbly steps, these achievements deserve to be documented. An older baby photoshoot allows you to freeze-frame these milestones, capturing the excitement of their progress. 

6 month old Baby Boy satin round wooden bowl smiling

Creating Timeless Memories

A lot of parents choose to have regular photoshoots throughout their baby’s first year. Typically, newborn, sitting and first birthday are the milestones we will capture, but I have also added in other stages, too! 

Babies change so much in their first year of life, and being able to see just how your little one has changed throughout this time is really a lovely thing to be able to look back on. Some change unrecognisably, and some keep the same features – they just get bigger! 

While every stage of a baby’s journey is remarkable, a photoshoot for an older baby aged 6 months and onwards holds a particular charm. From capturing their blossoming personality to documenting milestones, interactions, and the wonder of exploration, every image becomes a treasure that tells a story. Investing in a professional photoshoot at this stage ensures that these priceless moments are preserved and cherished for years to come, allowing you to relive the joy and love that filled those early years.

6 month old Baby Boy satin round wooden bowl smiling


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