Mother’s Day is Sunday March 10th 2024. Here are some Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mum(s) in your life from your Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio Photographer.

As a mum myself it’s not a big expensive gift we are hoping for, it is knowing our children or children’s Dad made an effort especially if their Dad is your partner. 

 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Mum(s) in Your life this Mother’s Day

  1.  Sit with the kids whilst Mum is out a week or so before and make Mum a card.

Not only will Mum love the handmade gift from the children, but she will love the extra time you have put in preparing this for her.

2. Let Mum lay in, maybe even have breakfast ready for her when she wakes up.

If your feeling brave, let the kids help make breakfast or maybe bake some cakes for afternoon tea.  Children love being involved in things like this.

3. Whisk her off somewhere with the kids for the day completely planned by you

There are lots of places that do Mum goes free, Longleat did this last year as an example.  But you don’t need to pay for a day out, what about a picnic lunch and a walk somewhere. Spring will have nearly sprung by Mother’s Day.  I’m hopeful for a dry day.

4. Dads, don’t forget to send your own mum a card and bonus points if it comes with flowers.

5. If you’re looking for a memorable gift, a gift that will last for years to come you can buy a Gift Voucher for a Family Photoshoot. Mum tends to be the one taking the photos, book her a mummy and me session so that she exists in the photos and the bond she has with her babies is documented.

However you choose to spend Mother’s Day, I hope its surrounded with those you love the most.

If you have any Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, feel free to post it in the comments.


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