When you book your newborn photoshoot with me, you’re chosing a specialist newborn photographer in Hampshire. You are choosing to capture those precious moments that seem to pass in the blink of an eye. I’ve photographed many, many newbron babies and I understand the importance of choosing the right colors to create timeless and stunning images. These portraits will be cherished for a lifetime and displayed in your home for all to see, so choosing your colours is a big decision. 

1 year old girl crawling towards a cake ona cream backdrop with pink and white balloons int he background

1. Traditional – Pink or Blue!

Pink for a girl, and blue for a boy! Some families choose these colours because they match their decor in their house, or some to match teh nursery they have prepared for their new arrival. If you didn’t know what egender your baby would be before they arrived, then perhaps chosing pink or blue is your way of announcing baby’s arrival and their gender. 

Baby dressed in blue with Blue Bear Bonet

2. Creams and Whites – Pure Simplicity:

If you are someone who appreciates the beauty of simplicity, creams and whites are a perfect choice. These light and neutral tones reflect the purity of a newborn, emphasising the softness and delicacy of their features. This is a really good choice if you like detail shots of eyelashes, fingers and toes. The simplicity of these colors draws attention to the baby’s expressions and tiny details, creating a clean and timeless feel to your newborn photography.


cake smash in Hampshire with a baby boy smashing a cake in a space theme

3. Beige and Brown – Harmony with Nature:

Choosing natural shades like beige and brown is an excellent option for families with a neutral home décor. These earthy tones not only complement the colors of nature but also give a warm feel to your finished newbron photographs. 

4. Greens – for boys and girls!

Deep greens have become increasingly popular, especially for baby boys. However, this versatile color works equally well for baby girls, and spring greens are beautiful, too! Greens also work well with most home decor – its a very neutral colour, without being too plain. It’s one of my favoutites!

boy on green back drop with small teddy bears at his newborn photo shoot
newborn baby girl laying on her back with her legs folded towards her tummy, she is very cutely curled. she is wearing a lace romper and laying on a burnt orange blanket

5. Autumn Colors – Warm Tones for Everyone

Embrace the warmth of autumn colors for a newborn photoshoot that has coziness and comfort. The earthy tones, reds, and yellows create a soft and inviting atmosphere, flattering every skin tone. These warm shades add a touch of autumn to the images, capturing the spirit and warmth of the season.

6. Rich Jewel Tones – Winter Babies and Christmas Magic

For winter babies, rich jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red add a touch of holiday magic to the photographs. These deep and luxurious colors create a sense of richness, making the images stand out. These jewel tones are particularly fitting for capturing the festive spirit around Christmas, but I love to see them all year around!


newborn photo shoot boy dressed in autumn colours in a bucket by Newborn Photographer in Hampshire

In the art of newborn photography, colour choices play an important role in setting the tone and style of your newborn shoot. 

Whether you opt for traditional pink or blue, simple creams or neutrals, or richer colours, you will love your finished newborn portraits. As a specialist newborn photographer in Hampshire, I am here to help you choose the perfect palette for your newborn session. 


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