Fabulous 40 or just another birthday? My 40th Birthday is fast approaching and i’m reflecting on my life so far and the lessons I’ve learned. I wanted to write a blog post that captures the essence of turning 40 and why its Fabulous 40. The wisdom that comes with growing older, and how I’m entering a new decade with newfound power and knowledge.

But as I sat down to write, I struggled to come up with a witty and inspirational quote.

The truth is, I don’t feel wiser or more full of life than ever before and I’m not entering the happiest phase of life I’ve ever been in. I’m tired! I ache, and I make funny noises when I bend down or get off the sofa.¬†

My entire life revolves around the children. They have a busier social calendar than me! Time for me is few and far between. Spending money on myself or planning a night out fills me with terrible Mum Guilt.  A late night is watching an episode too many of the latest Netflix series and lights off at 10:30.

The wild nights of my 20s are long gone. In fact, I recently heard that the current generation prefers to go to brunch instead of nightclubs. Can you believe it? Whatever happened to the days of going to the Littern Tree for buy one get one free drinks, walking past the Wote Street Willie, dancing at Liquid until we stumbled to the taxi rank, and then grabbing a kebab on the way home?… I digress, but those were some good times!

As I reflect, I realize that change is inevitable. I am not the same person I was in my 20s and over the next decade, my children will have grown up, and my life will be different again. I will miss the chaos of our busy household, the school runs, the clubs, and the arguments.

So, as I prepare to enter my 40s, I don’t have any grand plans or big advice to give. Instead, I’m filled with a sense of gratitude for the present moment and everything that it entails. The noise, the mess, the laughter, and the love. I’m grateful for the opportunity to raise my children and for the power that comes with the gift of growing older.

Fabulous 40 or just another birthday?
Image by Yolanda Goncalves 


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