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It’s time to book your family photo shoot in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

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There is nothing more important than family! Life can be so busy that we rely on phones to take family selfies. In years to come your children don’t want to see you with bunny ears and filters! They want to see the love and connection you shared together and, more importantly, they want to see you. The real you.

As a family photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire, I know that a family photosoot is the perfect opportunity to capture your families unique bond. Imagine how wonderful it will make you feel having a framed print of those you love the most hanging proudly in your home.

family with little boy in a photo studio by Family Photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire
family with parents and two boys on a dark background. Photo taken in a studio by Family and Child Photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire

There is no better time than now to book your family photoshoot in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We can be so self critical of ourselves, but in the eyes of your family, you are perfect! Your children want to see their Family Photos that include you around their home and in years to come they want to reflect on these moments that they shared with you. Not only that but you are a vital part of your family and you deserve to be up and centre of your Family Photographs.

As a Professionally Trained, Award Winning Family Photographer not only will your family have a lovely experience in my studio but you will be given high quality images to treasure for years to come. 

Boy with big blue eyes sat with his Cello by family photographer in basingstoke hampshire

So Patient!

Lisa is an absolutely amazing photographer. She’s so kind and patient. She photographed my 4 children together, not an easy task! Additionally My 6 year old son has Autism. She was fantastic with him, and kept him calm and engaged throughout. The finishing pictures were beautiful. I would highly recommend, and I’ll be having more pictures done in the near future. 




6 month old Baby Boy satin round wooden bowl smiling

Up to a 60 Minute Photo Shoot

Use of Props

online viewing gallery

the full digital gallery 20+ images




Family standing together in white tops during their family photo shoot whitchurch by newborn photographer Basingstoke Hampshire

Up to a 60 Minute Photo Shoot

Use of Props

online viewing gallery

10 Digital Images  





Girl smiling sat with pet dog

Up to a 60 Minute Photo Shoot

Use of Props

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3 Digital Images

weekdays only






I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough, my daughter had a glitter session and I am blown away by the photos they are stunning! Orla thoroughly enjoyed herself and Lisa had such a calm, gentle manner to get Orla into the positions that she needed her to be in to get the perfect shots and it worked wonders

A Family and Child Portrait To Treasure Forever!

Family photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire. 


Whether your family is big or small, with tiny tots or toweing teens, your family photoshoot will be tailored  around you as a family.  I work with a no rush approach, everyone has time to relax and feel comfortable. We’ll build a rapport that results in images that are natural, and reflect your families true personality.

When you choose me as your family photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire, we will have lots of fun! If your children are older we will concentrate on posing and less on the singing and bubble blowing!

As parents we are very conscious of photographing our babies and toddlers but photographing our big kids is equally as important. I have parents tell me they are worried bringing their teenager in for a photo shoot as they feel shy or reluctant. The best part of photographing a teen is watching them go from shy to sassy in a matter of minutes. I recommend letting them choose a selection of their favourite outfits and really let their individual personality shine through.

If you have a small baby, then check out my newborn page for information about newborn photography! 


What to expect during your Family and Child Photo Shoot

Your Family and Child Photo Shoot will take place in my Garden Studio in Whitchurch, Hampshire. Conveniently placed between Newbury, Andover and Basingstoke.

Your Family Portrait Photo Shoot will last up to 60 minutes in the comfort of my studio, although I do not clock watch. We will be child lead, if your baby needs a break, milkies or a cuddle then we will stop, chat and wait until he is ready to start again. We will sing songs, blow bubbles and have lots of giggles.



I recommend neutral coloured clothing, no large logo or clashing patterns.



I usually take 7-10 days to send you your Online Viewing Gallery.

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