As a Professionally Trained Newborn Photographer based in Whitchurch Hampshire. I can safely pose your baby into many cute positions during their Newborn Photo Shoot.

Here are my top 5 Newborn Poses.

  1. Side Pose.

This pose involves gently positioning the baby onto their side with their hands under their cheeks. This natural position not only makes the baby look angelic but also allows me to capture stunning close-up shots of their face as well as full-length shots of their entire body.

  • Bum Up pose.

As the name suggests, this pose involves lifting the baby’s bum up. Creating a snuggly look. This pose also allows me to capture the baby’s adorable rolls, making this pose particularly cute if the baby is a little squishy.

  • Chin on hands

Another beautiful pose that I like to use during a Newborn Photo Shoot. This pose is usually the last Table Pose I do. From this pose, some babies allow me to transition them straight into a prop in this position. This creates two very different images from just one pose, offering great versatility in the final photos.

  • Props Shots

A way to get creative with Newborn Photography. This pose involves wrapping the baby in different props and accessorising with flowers, hats, tie backs, and teddies. These props add a unique touch to the photoshoot and make the final images even more special.

  • Tucked In

A beautiful way to finish a Newborn Session. In this pose, the baby looks as if they are tucked in bed, with their hand either in or out of the blankets, and sometimes even holding a teddy.

Overall, these different poses are perfect for capturing the essence of a newborn and creating timeless memories that parents will cherish forever.

That was my Top 5 Newborn Poses. What is your favourite Newborn Pose? let me know in the comments below.


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