Five reasons why Family Photography is important from your Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio Photographer.

We are conscious of photographing our newborn babies, but, we must also remember to document the journey through older years too.

family with little boy in a photo studio by Family Photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire
  1. The people in your family are your world. As you immerse yourself in your world, you can miss out on all the changes that are happening before your very eyes. Family portraits allow you to preserve this moment in time. The images are there to enjoy now and to reflect on over the years to come.

2 . There is medical evidence that suggests having family portraits around the home improves children’s mental health and self-esteem.  Being able to recognise family and to see themselves with those family members gives children a sense of security and importance.

3. It is an opportunity to get everyone in one image. Usually mum is taking the photo, meaning, as the kids get older and you look back at the family album, dads is everywhere, but mums rarely seen.

4. A family photoshoot is a fun experience for the whole family.  Images can be used as gifts or you can include Nanny and Grandad, the family pet and make it an extended family session.

5. Life changes in a moment.  I know only too well how suddenly a photograph is all we have to remember a loved one.  We think we have time. We think we can wait but sadly, it doesn’t always work that way. 

Now you have read my five reasons why Family Photography is important. Do you think you would consider booking a Family Photoshoot?

I would love to welcome you and your family into my Whitchurch, Hampshire Photography Studio. Photoshoots are relaxed and a fun experience for all.


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