Hi all I’m Lisa and I am the lady behind the camera here at Isla Grace Photography. Your Whitchurch, Hampshire based Studio Photographer.

A bit about me, your Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio Photographer

I love rock music; I feel I secretly should have been a goth, but I was to self-conscious to fully commit.  I’ve had the red hair, piercings, and tattoos over the years, but I blend in more these days.

Im 40 this year, I’m not at all anxious about it.  I have never had a fear of growing old and since my dad passed at age 63 2 years ago, I believe aging is a gift we aren’t all given. 

I have decided that this year is my year to conquer my fear of travelling abroad so to celebrate the big 4 0! we are going on a cruise, our first family holiday abroad combining my fear of flying with my inability to swim and therefore fear of water ha ha but I’ve heard I will love cruising.  So, if I survive, I’ll write a blog about it! LOL.

I am a Mum to Isla age 7 and Grace who is 11 in a few short weeks. Hence my business name.  They are my everything.  Isla has me hiding in a corner multiple times a week and Grace is getting hormonal and just wants me to be quiet and leave her alone.  But they complete me, being a Mum was always my biggest want in life. I’m lucky to have them.

Grace is the reason I started my photography business; I was that mum that always had a camera in her face and then when she was 2 she started saying No more cheese mummy and that’s when I realised I needed to find other children to photograph and what started out as a hobby is now my profession.


You do not need any training or qualifications to start a photography business!

I am a qualified and award-winning children’s portrait photographer with The Guild of Photographers

I am professionally trained in Newborn Photography, having had 4 training sessions in the past 18 months

Despite not needing training or qualifications I feel it is important for my clients to know I have had training so that you can rest assured knowing your baby will always be handled safely and that you know you will be receiving professional quality images.


If you have time to read my testimonials over on my Facebook page your will see a lot of them say sessions are relaxed, baby lead and calm. I do not clock watch; I do not pressure you into buying top package or large pieces of wall art. I want you to enjoy your time with me as well as love your images.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you into my Whitchurch, Hampshire studio very soon.

Photo Credit – Image of me and my girls taken by Yolanda Goncalves.


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