A Newborn Photo Shoot is a beautiful way to freeze the most intimate and precious moments of a baby’s life. These moments are often fleeting and capturing them is like holding onto a piece of magic. These photos are not just a record of a baby’s first few weeks, but they are also a timeless treasure that can be passed down through generations.

What happens during a Newborn Photo Shoot?

After baby has been fed and falls asleep, baby is ready to be posed. The poses simulate the positions they were in while in the womb, which makes them feel very calm and comfortable. The primary focus during your Newborn Photo Shoot is on the baby’s happiness and comfort. If baby needs milk, a cuddle, or a nappy change, we pause and continue when baby is ready. I never force baby into a position, their well-being is my utmost priority.

Family and Sibling Shots

Your Newborn Photo Shoot starts by capturing Family and Sibling Portraits. Preserving the bond and love that makes your family unique. Feel free to include the entire family in the session. Proud Parents, Beaming Grandparents, Excited Siblings, or even the family pet. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this special moment. Capturing the arrival of a new child is a beautiful and joyous occasion. Having the whole family present makes it even more memorable.

Newborn Photo Shoot - Family Portrait Whitchurch Hampshire

Props or Table Posing?

Following the Family Portraits, we will wrap your little one in the cosiest wraps and use a variety of props and accessories to create stunning-styled portraits. We will then strip baby down and pose him on a blanket. Capturing every little squishy detail that makes them so adorable.

When does a Newborn Photo Shoot take place?

To ensure that you get the best possible photographs, it is recommended to schedule your Newborn Photo Shoot between 5 and 21 days after birth. This is the optimal time to capture your baby’s delicate features and sweet expressions.

When should I book my Newborn Photo Shoot?

I recommend booking at around 34 weeks pregnant to make sure I have availability. With that being said, I will always try my best to fit you in if you wait to book.

newborn baby girl laying on her back with her legs folded towards her tummy, she is very cutely curled. she is wearing a lace romper and laying on a burnt orange blanket

It’s amazing to think that a baby is only considered a newborn for 4 weeks. During which he undergoes rapid development and transformation. This makes the photos even more valuable as they capture a unique time in the baby’s life.

I have the incredible honour of being trusted with capturing the most precious moments of a family’s life. Its a job I never underestimate the importance of and I’m always striving to ensure my clients receive the best possible Newborn Photo Shoot Experience as well beautiful images to treasure for years to come. If you are expecting a baby soon, I would love to discuss capturing your babies first moments with you.


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