So, you’ve decided to capture those precious moments of your little ones in a studio photoshoot – what a great choice! But let’s face it, getting young children camera-ready isn’t always a walk in the park. Fear not, though! I’ve got your back with some tried-and-tested tips to ensure your photography session with me is a breeze, filled with smiles, giggles, and some perfect memories. 

Prepare Your Children for a Studio Photoshoot

1. Dress to Impress, but Keep It Comfy

We all want our mini-me’s to look their absolute best for a photoshoot, right? However, let’s not sacrifice comfort for style. Opt for outfits that not only look adorable but also allow your kiddos to move freely and comfortably. Scratchy tags or tight collars could turn your little angel into a grumpy gremlin faster than you can say “cheese!” Plus, comfy kids are happy kids, and happy kids make for fabulous photos!

6 month old boy sat on small wooden bed

2. Practice Makes Perfect—Strike a Pose!

Turn the pre-photoshoot jitters into a fun game by practicing some poses at home. Get silly with it! Strike poses like superheroes, animals, or even pretend to be their favorite characters. Being able to follow guidance will help loads when you’re in my studio for your photoshoot. Not only does this help your children get used to being in front of the camera, but it also adds an element of excitement to the whole experience. 


One tip though – don’t ask children to smile for the camera. Fake smiles often look like a grimace! I have lots of tricks up my sleeves to get a natural smile, so please don’t worry. 

boy showing a ballet position wearing black leotard
family with little boy in a photo studio by Family Photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire

3. Snack Attack—Pack the Goodies

Hungry children are grumpy children, and grumpy kiddos are not exactly camera-ready. Be sure to pack a bag of their favorite snacks and drinks to keep those energy levels up during the session. Think easy-to-eat goodies like fruit slices, crackers, or cheese sticks—anything to keep those tummies satisfied and those smiles shining bright. Just remember to steer clear of anything too messy or sticky… a chocolate stain isn’t the best look!

angelic girl in a silver dress by Family and Child Photographer in Basingstoke, Hampshire

4. Bribery, I Mean, Incentives

Let’s be real, sometimes a little bribery goes a long way, and there’s no shame in that game! If your children are old enough to understand the idea of a treat for being co-operative, then give it a try! Promise your little ones a special treat or fun activity after the photoshoot as a reward for their superstar behavior. It could be a trip to the park, an ice cream cone, or even some extra screen time—whatever floats their boat! Knowing there’s a light at the end of the tunnel can motivate even the most camera-shy kiddos to work it like a pro.
award winning photo of two girls togther for a blog about Prepare Your Children for a Studio Photoshoot
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5. Embrace the Chaos

Last but not least, embrace the chaos! Let’s face it, kids will be kids, and sometimes that means things might not go exactly according to plan. But hey, that’s where the magic happens.

Some of the best shots come from those spontaneous, candid moments when your little ones are just being themselves—silly faces, tantrums, and all. So, take a deep breath, go with the flow, and trust in me as your photographer to capture those precious memories, imperfections and all.

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