What to wear to your Newborn Photoshoot? I’ve spoken before about the importance of photographing your newborn baby but now’s the time to talk about you existing in those photographs too.

You might not feel like your most photographic self right now but I always say to my clients you will only ever regret not being in the photo.

This moment cannot be relived so embrace this moment and exist in the photograph.

The outfits

Baby – You could bring babies favourite outfit or baby grow, baby could be naked or wrapped in one of my wraps. 

Parents and siblings – I recommend that you and siblings are dressed in colour complementing outfits.  Blue jeans and white or grey or black tops as an example work well. Parents could be in the blue jeans and matching coloured top combination, but your little girl could be in a dress the same colour as your top.

Please iron your clothes before your session.  Creases in clothes are not easy to edit out and are distracting to the eye in the final image.


I recommend avoiding luminous colours, bold patterns, and large logos.  We want the focus of the image to be on you and your baby not your clothes.

Mum, if your favourite dress is floral, chose a plain top for your partner and children so that the only pattern in the image is on your clothes. Too many patterns confuse the eye.

Avoid putting mobile phones and wallets in your pockets, this will show in the images and limit your movement when being posed.


Please bring a hairbrush, make up if you usually wear it and a hair tie and hair clip.

Remove any watches, jewellery, hair ties around the wrist that you do not want in the photograph.

Be Comfortable

Wear something comfortable, Mums if you don’t like your arms out for example wear a long sleeve top or cardigan.

Dads you will be sitting for a while, wear loose fitting trousers.  I have lost count how many dads can’t sit on the floor because they have tight fitting jeans on. Ha ha.

Bring spare clothes.

Bring a change of clothes for everyone just incase baby has a poonami – it happens, its no big deal but its better to be prepared.

I hope this helps you to prepare what to wear to your Newborn Photoshoot. Any questions, comment below.

I hope to be welcoming you into my Whitchurch, Hampshire Studio very soon.


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